Our Philosophy

Germany has established itself as an attractive country to immigrate to and is thus experiencing a steadily growing influx of immigrants. In particular, there has been an increase in the immigration of well-qualified workers and self-employed persons, as well as young people, moving to Germany to study here.

An immigration policy should have at its core the goal of regulating foreigner's immigration to Germany and their residence here in a sensible manner. In Germany, humanitarian considerations and demographic developments have also played an important role in shaping the immigration policy.

The team of lawyers at Maibaum take their responsibility to fight for the enforcement of their client's rights - be that in a court of law, in dealing with the German authorities, or at a visa office - very seriously.

For clients who have resided in Germany for a significant period of time, the first step towards a secure and successful future commonly involves an assessment of their residence so far. As part of this process, we will retrieve all information available to us from the Foreign Resident Administration Body (Ausländerverwaltung).