Our Philosophy

With a steadily growing influx of immigrants, Germany is becoming more and more attractive as a main destination country. Along with the increasing immigration of well-qualified workers and self-employed persons, many young people are also moving to Germany with the intention of studying here.

The goal of any policy on foreigners should be to regulate their immigration to Germany and their residence here in a sensible manner. This occurs with due regard for humanitarian considerations and in light of demographic developments in Germany.

As the legal representative of such people, the Maibaum team of attorneys feels an obligation to fight as hard as possible for the rights of their clients—whether in a court of law, in dealing with the German authorities, or at the visa office.

The first step towards a secure and successful future for those of our clients who have already resided in Germany for a long time involves assessing how their period of residence here has proceeded so far. As part of this process, we will consult the available information associated with the administration of foreign residents.