For many immigrants who have lived in Germany for many years, the final step in their process of integration is acquiring German citizenship. However, the naturalisation process is often a frustrating experience with applicants waiting for many months.

The law requires an application to be processed and decided on by the relevant authority within three months. Where authorities do not meet this deadline, the applicant is authorised (according to section 75 of the Administrative Court Procedures Code (VwGO)) to take legal action in court. The authorities will then have to bear the heavy costs associated with a trial (section 161 (3) VwGO).

Further, the widespread assumption that the authorities will reject a naturalisation application if the applicant is unemployed is a popular misconception. According to section 10 (1) Nr. 3 of the Nationality Act (StAG), receipt of public benefits is not a barrier to citizenship, so long as the applicant is diligently seeking work.

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