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The application and enforcement of immigration law is a complicated matter.

As a law firm specialising in immigration law, we stand up for our clients in all situations

whether before the police, authorities, or courts - nationwide.

We're all foreigners - almost everywhere.

Immigration Lawyers in Germany

As specialist lawyers for immigration law, we ensure that your rights are protected and enforced against the authorities.


This includes the development of a customised strategy that incorporates our thorough understanding of the current legal frameworks and recent developments in case law.


At Maibaum law firm, we have an entire team that specialises exclusively in immigration law working for you.

We will advocate for you in an effective, skilled, and goal-oriented manner.


We stand up for our clients in all situations


- whether before the police, authorities, or courts - nationwide.


Our law firm specialises in the following areas:


Business Migration - Employment of foreigners/ skilled labor procedures

Employing foreigners can understandably lead to uncertainty among employers. You might find yourself asking: What residence status is necessary for legal employment? Which authority should I contact? Why are the authorities processing my application so slowly - can this process be sped up? What should I do when am employee's residence permit expires? We advise and represent employers in a legally secure and targeted manner, enabling you to focus on the more important business tasks.

Support in applying for a residence permit

We enforce your right of residence: even if you are allowed to enter Germany without a visa, foreigners who wish to stay in Germany for longer than 90 days generally require a residence permit. Our immigration lawyers will help you apply for the correct residence permit and successfully complete the application.

Representation in administrative and court proceedings

If conflicts arise with the immigration authorities, our immigration lawyers can help you assert your rights and increase your chances of a successful outcome in the proceedings.

Job search advice

As a foreigner seeking to work in Germany, special requirements will often need to be met. Our immigration lawyers can help you take the right steps to obtain a work permit and facilitate your job search.

Support with company foundation

Setting up a company as a foreigner in Germany can lead to legal issues. Our immigration lawyers will help you plan and organise the steps necessary to successfully set up your company.

Advice upon entering Germany

Entering Germany as a foreigner can lead to legal issues. An immigration lawyer can help you plan and organise the necessary steps to facilitate your entry.

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What is immigration law?

Immigration law is a special legal discipline that deals with the entry, residence, and integration of foreigners in a particular country. A complex legal framework has evolved to regulate foreigners' entry, residence, consolidation of the right of residence, family reunification, or their departure or expulsion, and outline the corresponding rights and obligations.

In Germany the Residence Act and the Freedom of Movement Act/EU (in addition to numerous other international laws) regulate who may enter and reside in Germany and under what conditions they may do so. Regulations may further specify the necessary requirements for issuing visas and residence permits, the conditions for taking up employment, and the requirements for naturalisation.

Immigration law is closely linked to other areas of law, such as employment law, social welfare law, and criminal law. For this reason, foreigners who wish to live and work in Germany must comply with a variety of legal frameworks to ensure that their residence and employment is in accordance with the law.

As a specialist immigration law firm in Cologne, we will help you understand the complex provisions of immigration law and can guide you through the process of applying for residence permits, taking up employment or naturalisation, among many other things.

What does an immigration lawyer do?

An immigration lawyer specialises in advising and representing clients in the field of immigration law. Their work is centered around the immigration of foreigners to a particular country, in particular the application of residence permits, advice on naturalisation, and the legal representation of clients in legal proceedings.

Immigration lawyers commonly advise on the immigration of skilled workers, right of residence, gaining employment, founding a company, naturalisation, necessary language skills for integration, family reunification, consolidation of residence titles, visas, and the Blue Card EU.

Further assistance can be provided for the recognition of foreign educational and professional qualifications as well as the recognition of other foreign documents and certificates.

An immigration lawyer is therefore an essential partner for employers seeking to hire foreign workers or as a foreigner wishing to immigrate to a new country or settle permanently in a country.

You can trust our lawyers to offer competent legal advice and representation in all matters of immigration law, as we help our clients protect their rights and achieve their goals.