Our Services

Once again, here is a list of our services. We look forward to meeting you in person.

We offer counsel and assistance in the following areas:

  • Establishing businesses
  • Drafting of contracts (limited liability companies, partnership agreements, executive contracts, employment contracts, purchase/rental agreements)
  • Legalization of temporary residence during pregnancy / birth of (German) children
  • Marriage / acknowledgement of paternity
  • Accompanying you to appointments with the authorities, the chamber of commerce and court appearances
  • Preparing a business plan in co-operation with our team of experienced business advisors
  • EU Blue Card visas
  • Work and employment permits
  • Representing you before the immigration authorities
  • Representing you at German embassies
  • Family reunification
  • Student visas

Moreover, we assist you in communicating with the immigration office, embassies, the unemployment office, the police, the public prosecutor’s office and the courts if you are ever suspected of:

  • Illegal immigration or residence
  • Lacking a passport
  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Working illegally
  • Fraudulent marriage
  • Violating the criminal code pertaining to foreigners