Our Team of Experts


Attorney Björn Maibaum advises on legal questions involving civil and public law. After completing his law degree with a focus on European law and a degree in the Japanese language in Gießen and Cologne, he worked as a junior lawyer with the German Chamber of Foreign Trade in Tokyo, and for the public prosecutor’s office and the district court in Wuppertal. After that he worked as an attorney in Köln-Lindenthal, sharing an office with attorneys Christ and Külschbach. Since 2004 he has headed up the Maibaum Law Office in Cologne, specializing in citizenship, immigration and aliens law.


Ms. Bömer is a trained industrial business woman with many years of bookkeeping experience. She handles the accounting at Maibaum Attorneys, and is glad to assist our clients with any questions they may have regarding such matters. She is an indispensable part of our team.


Ms. Mauer studied law at the Albertus Magnus University in Cologne. At first, she was with the law office of Emili+Maibaum and then, after completing her training as a paralegal in 2015, she went to work for Maibaum Attorneys. Frau Mauer performs essential services for our clients here at our office.


Ms. Azzolina has worked for Maibaum Attorneys since 2015. She is responsible for, among other things, office management and speaks fluent Italian.


Frau Jalenka Sames studiert derzeit Rechtswissenschaften an der Universität Bonn. Ein Semester lang absolvierte sie ein Auslandsstudium in Barcelona und spricht fließend Spanisch sowie Englisch. Im Sekretariat der Kanzlei ist sie gerne für alle Belange der internationale Mandantschaft da.